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8/4/12 11:33 pm - verdeckt - Call for Snack prompts!

Bring Back the Bastard! is an anonymous, low-stress, prompt-based fest hosted at deeply_horrible asking authors and artists to create entries that don't minimise the unpleasant sides of Severus Snape's character. Slash, het and gen works of any kind (fic, art, meta, multimedia) of all ratings are welcome.

Bring Back the Bastard!
Prompting runs at [info]deeply_horrible from July 30th to August 5th!
Rules & Schedule | FAQ | Banners

Prompting is open until 11:59 pm (EST) tomorrow, and we're especially looking for more Snack prompts! Anyone can leave prompts, as many or as few as one likes, either @LJ or @DW.

2/18/12 12:11 am - carolinelamb - Fic Rec: For Reasons Unknown (SB/SS) by Secretlypadfoot

secretlypadfoot has written a wonderful fic for my prompt I left for the hp_kinkfest.

Sirius Black returns from The Veil without any memories of his former self and somehow Severus Snape finds himself at Grimmauld Place babysitting him. Sirius without his memories is not the mean-spirited brat we know–he's still an impulsive Gryffindor though. Snape still bears a grudge against his childhood nemesis and finally sees a chance to get his revenge.

This fic was so perfectly paced and the sex was incredibly hot and emotional! The author maintained such a great balance between plot, hothothot sex and heartbreak (I found myself sobbing in the middle) I promise you'll never get bored for an instant!

If you like Snack only a little bit–don't miss this gem! It has everything a classic Snack needs :)

Title: For Reasons Unknown
Genre: AU, Post-DH
Kink: Amnesia
Rating: NC-17
Content Notes/Warnings: None. Sorry.
Word Count: 18,143

And do leave the author your love, please, will you?

1/30/12 04:33 pm - haloangel204 - Fic Challenge anyone?

Fic Challenge anyone?

I thought of the most beautiful quote and I would like to issue a challenge where people can use this in their story. The quote is "You're beautiful when you're brewing". The fic can be either current time or maurauder era. I, personally prefer the latter. I hope to post a story too. We need more Sev/Siri stories out there! Happy writing!

Thank you!

1/1/12 06:34 pm - knowmefirst - Sirius Black Fest


1/1/12 09:30 pm - r_grayjoy - Snack Art Recs!

Two AWESOME pieces of Snack art from this year's Kinky Kristmas:

Hate is... by ???
Sirius/Severus; R (NWS)
Contrary to what you might expect from the title, this isn't hatesex. It's totally smokin' Marauder's era, first time, half-dressed frottage that's passionate and intense as hell. Guh. The looks of concentration in this one just kill me.

Bete Noire by ???
Severus/Sirius; NC-17 (NWS!!!)
For those of you who were looking for hatesex... oh, man, this is it. Warning: full-on non-con here! And wow is it some well done non-con! Full of hate and spite and revenge, and so gorgeous in it's horribleness.

12/19/11 05:11 pm - missgeorgeb


I was wondering if anyone could help me. I'm doing my undergraduate dissertation, at De Montfort University, about slash fiction, with a focus on Snape/Black, hence why i'm asking you. I have set up a forum on ff.net which details the aims of the project and the questions I intending to answer through the course of this piece of work. If you are interested in helping can you please check the forum I've sent up at http://forum.fanfiction.net/topic/102560/54418708/1/ and comment there.

Thanks MissGeorgeB x

12/10/11 08:40 am - kinky_carter - Sirius x Severus Fans!!!

For the fans!!!


11/15/11 02:35 pm - knowmefirst - Prompt claiming has open at HP_Intoxicated

rompt Claiming has open HERE

6/12/11 01:41 pm - snape_black_mod - Heads Up!

Something BIG is coming!
(...Quit snickering.)

Watch this space...

6/12/11 12:33 pm - r_grayjoy - Snack at DiaCon Alley Reminder!

For those who might have missed the announcement some time back -- there's going to be a Snack meet-up at DiaCon Alley. There will be goody bags and prizes and, most importantly, other Severus/Sirius shippers for you to meet and squee with, so you won't want to miss it! If you're attending DiaCon, be sure go over and join diacon_snack for info and updates.
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