R. Grayjoy (r_grayjoy) wrote in snape_black,
R. Grayjoy

Snack Art Recs!

Two AWESOME pieces of Snack art from this year's Kinky Kristmas:

Hate is... by ???
Sirius/Severus; R (NWS)
Contrary to what you might expect from the title, this isn't hatesex. It's totally smokin' Marauder's era, first time, half-dressed frottage that's passionate and intense as hell. Guh. The looks of concentration in this one just kill me.

Bete Noire by ???
Severus/Sirius; NC-17 (NWS!!!)
For those of you who were looking for hatesex... oh, man, this is it. Warning: full-on non-con here! And wow is it some well done non-con! Full of hate and spite and revenge, and so gorgeous in it's horribleness.
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