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5/15/11 10:13 pm - r_grayjoy - Snack at DiaCon Alley!

All right, who's going to DiaCon Alley?!

I'm working on putting together a small DiaCon Snape/Sirius meet-up, assuming there's enough interest. So if you intend to be at the con and would like such an event, be sure to go over and join diacon_snack. There will be polls and info there you won't want to miss.

I'd like the meet-up to be memorable, so I have (tentative) plans for goody bags, a prize or two, and so forth. If you might be interested in helping with the goodies, there are lots of ways you can contribute. And even those of you not attending can help make the meet-up amazing for your fellow Snack fans. Ask me for more info!

5/15/11 09:48 pm - r_grayjoy - Fic Rec: Flogging It, or: Triumph and Satisfaction

An utterly wank-worthy piece found on [info]hp_wankfest.

Flogging It, or: Triumph and Satisfaction by ??
~4,600 words; NC-17
HOMG, for starters, this is monitor-meltingly hot. It's a Wankfest fic, so Severus and Sirius keep their hands off each other. But they're both wanking... in front of each other... and it gets pretty intense... so you do the math. ;) Aside from being a smutty delight, both Severus and Sirius are wonderfully characterized here, and the snark flies hard and fast. The multiple layers to their interactions and brilliantly conveyed. Just an incredibly fun piece!

5/3/11 03:39 pm - r_grayjoy - Recs: Fic and Art

Fic: Pink Ponce Polish by lilmisblack
Sirius/Severus; NC-17; 2011 words
Summary/Description: Sirius tries out a Weasley Wizard Wheezes product. Severus wakes up gay.

lilmisblack wrote this for daily_deviant in April when the theme was "bad porn cliches". She takes what is certainly a silly, fun premise and makes something hot and hilarious out of it. Both Snape and Sirius are wonderfully and subtly characterized here. So much fun, and also a bit insightful.
* * *

Art: This is a commission piece that I won from bluejeanius in help_haiti
Sirius/Severus; PG-13ish and perhaps slightly not worksafe

Two weeks later and I'm still giggling over it. It's Marauders era, and poor awkward Severus just doesn't quite know what to do with Sirius at times. Fortunately Sirius seems to know exactly what to do with him. ::snicker:: I won't spoil it further; just go take a peek. ;)
* * *

And if you like what you read/see, be sure to let the author/artist know, eh? Our ship needs support!

2/4/11 01:31 pm - soalluring - IN SECRET

New Sevi/Siri story of mine. Just posted it to ff.net last night. Just a one-shot devoted to the lust and malice of the pairing. Set during the Marauder Days. Do Enjoy, and leave a review if you feel so inclined.

In Secret: A Snape and Black Drabble

1/30/11 02:13 am - danikos_realms - PICTURE, among others

Author: danikos_realms


Picture, among others ...
Words: ~1,500
Challenge: Prompt Table 50.1, at quill_it . Prompt 6, 10, 20, 30, 35, 40.

Sirius and Severus grow closer.
Warnings: implied slash; a bit of angst; AR.


1/5/11 11:24 pm - dahtwitchi - Comfortable

Artist:  Dah twitchi
Title: Comfortable
Rating: G
Pairing/Character(s): Just Snape and Black (in his animagus form)
Warnings: Black in his animagus form (if that's a bother)
Author's/Artist's Notes: So, I hope I did everything correctly; I'm an LJ beginner!
ComfortableCollapse )

10/20/10 07:44 pm - bonfoi - Short Notice! hp_halloween double-drabble fest/exchange sign-ups end Thurs. night!

Okay, I know the members here can manage 200 words! I just know it! I also know there are folks on the list that don't write too often. Well, here's your chance to have some spooky-ooky fun AND you'll get something in return for a little bit of effort!

LJ - http://community.livejournal.com/hp_halloween/58839.html
IJ - http://asylums.insanejournal.com/hp_halloween/56908.html

Come and add to the delicious shivers that you can have Draco do as Harry's sheet draped body lurches across a dance floor, or Sirius' dark humor when Severus comes home smelling of something more than potions, or Lucius' snake-head pimp cane can come to life as it stalks Hermione...the possibilities are endless!

8/26/10 03:13 am - danikos_realms - Life Together

Author: danikos_realms
Rating: PG-13
Title: Life Together
Words: ~1,000
Challenge: Prompt Table 50.1, at LJ's quill_it. Prompt 29 – Quarrel.

Summary: It’s time to plan Christmas. Sirius and Severus just choose not to discuss it with each other.
Warnings: Strong language; mentions of violence; gen with some hints; a bit of angst; AR.

Life Together

8/5/10 12:23 am - danikos_realms - A New Life

Author: danikos_realms
Rating: PG
Title: A New Life
Words: ~1,000
Challenge: Prompt Table 50.1, at LJ's quill_it. Prompt 3 – Tomorrow.

Summary: Sirius and Severus discuss the future.
Warnings: Strong language; mentions of violence; gen with some hints; AR.

A New Life

7/26/10 04:00 pm - danikos_realms - Vulnerable

Author: [info]danikos_realms.
Rating: PG.
Challenge: Prompt Table 50.1, at LJ's [info]quill_it. Prompt 32 – Naked.
Words: ~800

Summary: Sirius and Harry attend Severus’ trial.
Warnings: Strong language; mentions of violence; gen with some hints; AR.

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